Terms & Condition

Our Terms and Conditions contain important information regarding the services offered by Multiland Tours and Treks Pvt. Ltd (referred to as “we”, “us”, “our” or “The Company” from here onward) and may be amended or reformed from time to time. As the Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding contract between Multiland Tours and Treks Pvt. Ltd and you, it is to be duly noted that you are required to read and understand them properly before purchasing or handling any of our available services/products. Do read the following Terms and Conditions before proceeding further ahead:

1. Booking Policy:

All your bookings made with us requires our customers to deposit a 30% advance payment for their selected trip package. As soon as we receive the submitted online booking form and the deposit payment for the selected trip, a booking confirmation voucher will be issued by us which shall be sent to the respective customer via email but this can only happen after receiving the online booking form along with the deposit amount.


If a client is booking any of our trip packages on behalf of other personnel, then he/she denotes that they represent and warrant to us that they have filled the booking form with the proper information of their representative client in accordance with our presented Terms and Conditions.

2. Payment Policy:

(A)Deposit –

An advance deposit payment of 30% is required accordingly to the total cost of the denoted trip package at the time of booking. Hence, we only notify our customers about the confirmation of their booking primarily after receiving both the booking form and the requested deposit payment. But a different deposit amount or a full payment amount will be required for our Expedition packages in order to book the expedition trip. Again, in the case of Multi-country trip packages where the International airfares are included in the trip itineraries, the cost of the airfare needs to be paid in advance.

(B)Final Payment –

In order to complete the remaining booking procedures, a final payment should be made by the customer 15 days prior to the trip start date, before arriving at the booked trip destination (Nepal, India, Bhutan & Tibet).However in the booking of  our special packages and special offers one time 100 % payment has to be made to finalize  the booking.

3. Cancellation Policy:

(A) Cancellation by The Client

As per our cancellation policy, our clients have the right to cancel any of their booked trip packages. Nevertheless, our clients are also obliged to provide us with a cancellation request in writing. Later, we shall acknowledge and confirm their trip cancellation, after which a certain refund payment is made to the customers in reference to their cancellation dates.

Mentioned below are the statuses for the date of cancellation and amounts to be refunded.


After beginning the trip, the prior payment made by the customer will be accounted as non-refundable with no strategic option to regain their individual or group payments which includes all the accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals or any other service costs. Hence, we advise our clients to claim their losses with their corresponding Insurance Companies. Please also note that no refunds will be made if you voluntarily leave the trip for any reason.

( Applicable for-Trekking,Tour,Sightseeing,Adventure,Beach holidays,Junglesafari and Holy Tour.)

 1  Cancellation before 15 days prior to arrival

 - induces 5% of cost of the package booked as the cancellation charge

 2 Cancellation before 7 days prior to arrival

 - induces 15% of cost of the package booked as the cancellation charge

 3 Cancellation within 7 days prior to arrival

 - induces 25% of cost of the package booked as the cancellation charge

 (B)Cancellation by The Company

We reserve the right to cancel the entire trip package in circumstantial situations beyond our control. Customers shall be compensated for their failed trip with a refund of the total trip price. In the case of guaranteed trip packages, we can even provide an alternative trip of the equivalent price value. The Company cannot be held responsible for any ensuing expenditures or losses due to such cancellation.

4. Tour Amendment Policy:

In reference to our Tour Amendment Policy in our Trekking,Tour,Sightseeing,Adventure,Beach holidays,Jungle safari and Holy Tour packages , if the booking amendment proposal is acknowledged by The Company 15 days or more, prior to the original date of trip departure, no booking amendment fee is required and likewise if the booking amendment is acknowledged prior to 7days of the trip departure a booking amendment fee of USD 50.00 per person is required. However, in the case of last-minute amendment less than 7 days to departure the Tour Amendment fees of USD 100.00 per person is required .

5. Travel Insurance:

We highly recommend our customers to contract themselves with an all-inclusive travel insurance for their trip. Make sure that the contracted Travel Insurance covers the nation or region in which you’re planning to travel. Your insurance must be able to cover significant losses and help you recover them in the case of unexpected accidents, injury, theft, illness, medical expenses and Emergency rescues such as Helicopter Evacuation. However, if your contracted Travel Insurance provider doesn’t cooperate with us in terms of your extra expenses then you are entitled to pay for your own expenditures. The company reserves the right to cancel or suspend your participation on a trip like Trekking, Peak Climbing, and Expedition activities with no right of refund if you are unable to provide proof of insurance when requested.

6. Changes in the Itinerary and Flight delays:

The company doesn’t change the itinerary as we plan the itinerary and other travel arrangements well in advance. However due to unanticipated circumstances like bad weather, political instability & obstructed travel route, certain circumstances beyond our control we may have to make some modifications in the scheduled trip itinerary. In any such cases of changes in the itinerary, you shall be informed as early as possible. The Company shall not refund any taxes under such circumstances due to the prior supplier arrangements.

In the case of flight delays or cancellations of the flight to mountainous regions, we only stand to pay for the cost of accommodation & food in departing city prior to the customer’s flight schedule. But if the flight gets delayed while returning from their trip, the individual customer will have to bear their extra expenses which can occur during their stay there. Furthermore, if a customer misses their International Flight, we will not be responsible for their flight cost. But we would assist you in making alternative flight and travel arrangements as much as possible.

7. Exemption of Liability:

You acknowledge that the company contracts with a network of companies, government agencies, and individuals, to assist in the smooth running of its tours, treks, walking, holidays & expeditions. To the best of the company’s knowledge, these third parties are qualified to perform their duties. However, the company cannot be held responsible if any kind of wrongdoings occurs during one’s trip duration. Any form of the impact caused by the involvement of a third-party personnel which may lead to personnel losses, severe accident or injury befallen upon customers, these can’t be deemed liable to The Company so it is to be strictly remunerated by the customers themselves. As the legal responsibility of Multiland Tours and Treks is stringently restricted no employee, representative or agent of the company other than the company or director is authorized to vary these conditions.

8. Flights and Hotel Booking:

We also incorporate online booking services for Flight tickets and Hotel Rooms. Any customer who wishes to book a flight ticket through us needs to provide 100% full payment in order to finalize their bookings. And a 30% cash advance deposit amount will be needed to reserve the rooms in their selected hotels. Do note that the cancellation of Flight tickets and Hotel Room Reservation will be as per the terms & conditions of the concerned airline and Hotel respectively.

9. Update of Terms and Conditions:

We update, modify and change our Terms and Conditions on a regular basis so our customers are requested to be up to date with our latest Terms and Conditions which will be made available on our official website.

By booking with Multiland Tours and Treks Pvt. Ltd, hereafter you agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions.