Tea House Accommodation

What is mean by Tea house ?

Generally, a teahouse in Nepal symbolizes a small and simple house with lodging and fooding facility in a mountain region(especially in a trekking route). Originally, teahouses were a small shop where travellers used to rest and sip a cup of tea/ coffee. And that’s how it has got the name of ‘Teahouse’. It’s much more popular in Nepal as there are countless trekking routes and without tea house it’s impossible.

Tea houses in Nepal:

The word trekking denotes a scenic nature walk around remote areas and it’s very difficult and uneasy to prepare and carry the whole necessary stuffs(from foods to tents)from starting point till the destination. So, to make it easy for the travellers(foreigners or locals), we have teahouses in these areas. We can find varieties of Teahouses in Nepal from a small and simple residence to a full-fledged cozy lodges depending upon the trekking regions. In the most fabled trekking routes of Everest and Annapurna region, we find the finest teahouses whereas the teahouses in off the beaten trail might be as simple as a normal village house. Most of the teahouses in Nepal are owned and managed by the local families.

Accommodation in Teahouses:

In the lower altitudes of the most popular trekking regions, we find a fully-fledged teahouses in a very affordable price. As the altitude increases, the price ofteahouses also increases in decreasing the facilities. For eg. one can accommodate in a cozy room with an attached European style washroom in the lower altitude whereas one can accommodate in a simple twin-sharing room with bed and light with shared non-flushable washroom in the higher altitude. It also indicates a hard life in Himalayan region.

Cuisines in Tea houses:

As one can have a good accommodation at the lower altitudes of the popular trekking regions, they can also enjoy a variety of national and international cuisine in these teahouses. It also offers a wide choice in beverages from a simple black tea/ coffee to hard drinks as well. Whereas, in increasing altitudes, one can enjoy the taste of pure Nepali cuisine with few alternatives(like mo:mos, noodles, chapatis, garlic soup, etc)listed in menus. One can enjoy the beverages but they might not offer the wide choice as that in lower altitudes. Prices are also quite high as compare to the lower one. .


Additional Facilities in Tea houses:

In some teahouses of most popular trekking regions like Everest and Annapurna, travellers may also get the facilities of electricity, wifi and shower(hot/ cold). But they are charged extra dollars of 2-3 per hour for the internet and charging the devices and few dollars for the hot shower as well. The extra charge in these services decreases in decreasing the altitudes.