About us

Multiland is a legally established Travel trekking and tour operator company registered  with all the concerned departments of the Government and we are also a member of renowned travel/trekking and expedition related organizations. Having a decade-long experience of management executive’s on carrying out various trips and tours and many years of international exposure, you can trust us and be rest assured on your travel plans & booking investments. Additionally, we also have several international partners and agents to provide you more information about your packages for your assurance and assistance. Our company mainly consist a team of experienced Mountaineers, Trekkers, Travel experts and registered travel guides, so that we can make sure to provide you the exact trip package that suits your needs perfectly.

To set us better apart from other available tours and trekking companies, we have listed out our major strengths below:

Safety and Reliability:

In a long experience of carrying out various trips and tours, we have learned a lot about safety and reliability which are needed during your trip with us. We believe that Safety is our "way of life" - we live it every day and in order to do that we provide our clients with qualified staff members, well equipment’s, good quality of food items and quality night stay along with camping arrangements. We make it a top priority to listen to and learn our customers' requirements, in order to make their tours more enjoyable while keeping their safety in mind. Lastly, we are a reliable tour operator who always makes sure that our customers are safeguarded so that they will have a peace of mind while being on a tour with us

Responsible Tourism:

Trekkers should realize that Nepal relies upon tourism industry a lot for generation of revenue in state level while the community around the trekking trail depends upon the trekkers and mountaineers for economic wellbeing. So by “Responsible Trekking” we mean that trekkers like you should make the expenditure related to any of the activities related to trekking such that the expenditure reaches to the hand of the people who are directly impacted upon by trekking activities like the one that you possibly have already been or are planning to go for.


Tourism is changing rapidly as nature, heritage, and recreational destinations become more important, and as conventional tourism is forced to meet tougher environmental requirements. This presents a challenge to government and private enterprise to develop new approaches to the tourism market. Ecotourism is more concerned with minimal impact, enhancement of environmental and cultural awareness and respect, positivity for visitors and hosts, financial benefits for locals and raised sensitivity on environmental issues of local, national and global value

Commitment to our client:

As we aim to serve our clients with the best available goods and services, we try never to let our clients/customers down. For that exact purpose, we have entirely committed a team of individuals focused on your every booked package, tickets, hotels and refund policy etc.

Safe and secure on dealing:

Having internationally recognized and trusted payment gateways for credit card transaction, we are a company which is legally registered  under the law of Nepal having Govt. License for conducting the Travel/Tour & Trekking activities in Nepal .We are also allowed to conduct the similar activities in India, Tibet, and Bhutan by the help of our own official partners having years of experience. Adding on that, we are a member of prestigious Umbrella organization which deals business in various Travels and Tours, trekking and Mountaineering such as  TAAN, and NMA. Lastly, our website is also SSL Security Certified so you can be comfortable while conducting business transactions with us.

Enquire and book your trips with MULTILAND right away to feel the difference.

Our Motive:

  • We believe that traveling itself is a memorable achievement of one’s lifetime as the scenic panorama of your good moments will be with you forever hence we are here to guide and manage your travel program in a perfect way so that each and every moment of your journey will give you a travel pleasure and good memory.
  • To unearth the unlimited adventure and scenic beauty, conquer the mountains, explore the distinct wildlife, and enjoy coastal holiday along with the historical heritage of this Multiland of South Asia (Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India).
  • Get the ideal prices for their package by using our uniquely designed website which likewise shall help our prospected visitors, trekkers and mountaineers to get the proper and timely information on their inquiry, choose different packages jointly on a one-time submission and make visit in a single country or between multiple countries.
  • For our valued clients, we also book the best-evaluated quality hotels in best price value as we trust that the homely and pleasing atmosphere complimented by hygienic and sanitary nourishments with pleasant bedding shall add the extra imperativeness and re-freshness in ones traveling days.
  • We additionally provide the ticket booking facility on international and domestic flights required during our trips which in turn benefits our clients by gaining conceivable early booking discounts and furthermore they can rest assured about the conceivable problem of missing the trip flight on account of last-minute ticket arrangement hassles.
  • Travelers safety is our top priority as we only sell our trips on inquiry dates if it is properly safe and is advisable to travel with reference to all the weather-related factors.

We Are Licensed and Registered by:-

Ministry of Industry
Office of the Company Registrar
Company Registration Num-155673/073/074

Ministry of Industry
Department of cottage & Small Industries
Registration No.14981/518

Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation
Department of Tourism
Travel Agency Licence No.2989

Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation
Department of Tourism
Trekking Agency Licence No.2210

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