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4 Good Reasons to Plan your Christmas and New Year Holidays in Nepal

A multi-religious and multi-cultural country Nepal celebrates different kinds of festivals throughout the year. The culture and religion are an integral part of the country adding beautiful colors in the form of festivals. The festivals are celebrated whole-heartedly and with everyone in a jovial mood. The colorful streets, festive air makes such a cheerful environment. You will definitely have a pleasurable time.

Nepal by virtue of its demographics has never celebrated Christmas or the western New Year in the past.  However, given the impact of tourism has and it’s lately found secular ways, Nepal perceives and celebrates these festivities. During the Christmas time, you can go outing with friends and family. The streets of   Thamel and Lakeside Pokhara are beautifully decorated in Christmas decors. Also, you can enjoy non-Christmas activities that include treks, mountain flights, and cultural tours. Moreover, these festivals are not dominant compared to other national festivals.

Celebrating festivals in Nepal gives you an opportunity of indulging in the natural beauty of the country along with the warm hospitality. The number of inflow of tourists has increased since the increased focus on the travel and tourism sector. A tourism year is celebrated inviting tourists from all over the world. The government and tourism department of Nepal authoritatively reported that Nepal will be leading a campaign as “Visit Nepal 2020″, a year committed to tourism industry of Nepal with vision of making a reasonable brand picture of Nepal as travel and vacationer destination, backing up the tourism foundations of Nepal; enhance the growth of tourism industry.

Why Nepal for celebrating festivities?

Enjoy your holiday season in Nepal and go on a traveling spree living the time of your lives. Indulge yourself with the diverse geography and cultures here. Four good reasons to plan your Christmas and New Year Holidays in Nepal are:


1. Best vies of Mountains and perfect time for sightseeing and Jungle safari 

Trekking in Nepal has been an all-time favorite vacation alternative for trekkers all around the globe. You can plan your Christmas holiday along with New Year in Nepal to behold the magnificent views of the gigantic peaks. Unique and alluring views of mountains in the morning sunrise are a view one would not want to miss. The geographical variations, trekking trails ensures utmost adventure of your lifetimes. One can also enjoy camping and experience a star-gazing view from the high hills area. The stunning mountain views and mountain flight are ought not to be missed. Some popular destinations for this are Poon hill trek, Nagarkot trip. Trekking to some areas like Ghorepani, Ghandruk will be easy because of fewer crowds and if someone likes to experience the full snow covered trekking trail on Going to Everest base camp and Annapurna Base camp trek then that is also a other option. Not only the mountain views but you can also experience jungle safari and sightseeing. Chitwan is the best option for the jungle and wildlife safari. Taking a jungle safari tour in Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park is also another option if you are a wild life lover. You will undeniably love your trip to Nepal witnessing the natural and cultural diversity.


 2. Dream of Every Traveler’ to Visit – Nepal One of the best tourist’s destination

Nepal, land of Himalayas renowned for geographical diversity caters eight above eight thousand meters’ mountain among fourteen around the world which has appealed many worldwide mountaineers as well as alluring vision of snow fed peaks sparkling with golden sun rays has magnetic effect to many nature lovers of all over the world. Many rivers duo perennial and non-perennial  originate from these snow capped peaks and flow down providing endless opportunities for  different types of water adventures like Rafting and Kayaking.

Nepal is also a culturally rich country. Nepal holds more than 35 different ethnic groups and has, in fact, distinct culture and tradition to show off. Exploring the various places observing the lifestyle of the locals is pure bliss. Nepal also attracts the visitors with its unique culture and tradition. Diverse cultures have their own festivities, with unique features. Visiting Nepal, for the festive season is best to enjoy the joyous environment with warm hospitality. Celebrating the festive night of Christmas and New Year days in the famous places such as Thamel of Kathmandu and the Lakeside of Pokhara gives you the time of your lives. The streets are decorated in the color of Christmas and crowd of people in a joyful mood. The musical concerts, dance, crowded streets with joyous people strolling around just makes your day. You can visit the churches and offer your prayers.


3.Can enjoy Luxury travel and New Year celebrations events in a great low budget

Planning for traveling Nepal for celebrations would be your best decision made. Experiencing the best vacation trip of your life by getting the festive airfare offers by different Airlines operating flights to Nepal  at this time of the year  will be an amusing experience. You can also enjoy the festive offers and discounts at various retail stores at your travel and that would just add up to an amazing experience. Being the end of the busy tourist season of Sep-Nov there are good chances of betting five-star accommodations also in a marginally low price and one can also enjoy the home stay. Travelling by  Air in domestic route is also will be hassle free as  the flights will be on time as no disturbance from rainy weather and by road also you could travel hassle free as there will be less chances of road blockades because of rough weather and landslides. You also get the chance to know about the Nepali culture, tradition and the lifestyle. All budgets to mid-range restaurants will most likely not have any sort of special Christmas menu. However, high-range restaurants and hotels usually do offer traditional Christmas dinners. Also, enjoy the delicious local cuisines in the streets along with your friends and families. Celebrate your Christmas and New Year in Nepal in the most affordable prices as well as in a delightful environment.


4.Nepal is now politically stable

The completion of the election last year has got the stable government to rule leaving out the entire political unrest. As the government has set a target to bring in two million tourists each year by 2020, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has planned to organize ‘Visit Nepal Year’ in 2020 to attract more tourists to the country. The Visit Nepal 2020 campaign was scheduled in 2018 to promote that Nepal was a safe place to travel and only 12 of 75 districts were affected by the earthquake. Visit Nepal and explore some of the best destinations in the world along with the warm hospitality. Nepal is an epitome of natural beauty and geographical variation. A trekker’s paradise and a thrill seekers dream come true: the warm hospitality of the locals makes it one of the most loved destinations around the world.


Nepal is one of the most valued destinations in the world. Nepal boasts pristine natural beauty, sky-high Himalayas Range and endless culture and traditions spread out all over the country. It is a land of temples, prayer flags, and historical monuments. Endearing villages, jungle, wildlife, gigantic peaks are the primary hallmarks of the country. With a lot to explore and experience, traveling to Nepal for your festive vacations would undoubtedly be an enduring one.