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Discover The Eight Thousanders of Nepal


Nepal, land of Himalayas renowned for geographical diversity caters eight above eight thousand meters’ mountain among fourteen around the world which has appealed many worldwide mountaineers as well as alluring vision of snow fed peaks sparkling with golden sunrays has magnetic effect to many nature lovers of all over the world. Though several expeditioners dared to ascend the world highest peak but nobody became successful to ascend the world highest peak till 29 May 1953 when renowned mountaineer Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay touched the peak of world highest mountain Everest and became famous figure worldwide. After successful ascension of highest mountain many expeditioners has landed on the top of many above eight thousand mountains of Nepal.

1.Mount Everest:

Flanked on northern part of Nepal as borderline between Nepal and China Mount Everest is world highest peak at altitude of 8848 meters from sea-level. Everest named after British surveyor George Everest could be ascended from both northern base camp Tibet and southern base camp Nepal though southern base camp is technically easier to ascend and so much popular for expeditioner. World highest peak was successfully ascended by Hillary and Tenzing on 29 May 1953 marking this date as historical date.  Everest named as Sagarmatha on Nepalese language is popular on name of Jhomolongma on Chinese language and Chomolongma on Tibetan language giving much respect as goddess. Namche bazaar gate way of Everest welcomes traffic of tourist each and every year.  Trekking on foothills of Everest named as Everest base camp trek is worldwide famous trekking destination where numerous nature lovers and trekkers flock to Everest base camp each and every year taking hair-raising flight to Lukla to visualize the picture of world highest mountain as memory for lifetime and those who could not have zeal and gut for long and hard trekking engage themselves on heli tour of Everest to have glimpse of world highest mountain.



2.Mount Kanchenjunga:

Nestled on eastern part of Nepal as borderline between Sikkim, province of India and Nepal Kanchenjunga third highest peak of the world stands on eastern Himalayas soaring high to upwards. The gorgeous mountain standing at elevation of 8586 meters from sea level located on premises of Kanchenjunga conservation area and firstly climbed by Joe Brown and George Band on 1955.  Kanchenjunga derived from old Tibetan that signifies five treasures of snow. Kanchenjunga also gaining popularity as trekking destination as off the beaten path trek on recent times. Though it is less popular than Everest and Annapurna but wilderness and rapturous beauty of Kanchenjunga has allured the trekkers and mountaineers.


3.Mount Lhotse:

Lhotse world’s fourth highest mountain located on west central part of Nepal in proximity with world highest mountain has attracted less attention from mountaineers due to technical problems like narrow, steep route. Lhotse has been successfullascended by two Swiss climbers on May 18 1956.





4. Mount Makalu:

Makalu named after Hindu God Shiva is world’s fifth highest mountain at height of 8463 meters from sea level in Northern part of Nepal as border between Nepal and Tibet. The pyramid shaped peak is standing within Makaku National park sanctuary of diverse flora and fauna. Makalu mountain towering high from beautiful Makalu Barun valley which is foothill of mountain. It was first successfully ascended by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy on 1955.




5. Mount Cho-oyu:

Famed and revered as turquoise goddess in Tibet Cho oyu; sixth highest mountain is located on east of world highest peak on merging point between Asia plateau and Indian sub-continent.  The sixth highest mountain at 8201 meters’ height from sea level regarded easily accessible above 8000 meters peak for mountain summiteer to summit. 8201 meters high mountain which was conquered only on 1954 by Austrian expedition team.





6. Mount Dhaulagiri:

Dhaulagiri soaring peak at elevation of 8167 meters from sea level flanked above world deepest gorge Kali Gandaki gorge is ranked world seventh highest peak that was taken as world highest peak until nineteenth century.  Dhaulagiri name derived from Sanskrit that denotes dazzling mountain due to its sparkling and amazing beauty. Dhaulagiri was successfully climbed by Austrian, Nepali expedition team on 1960.





7. Mount Manaslu:

Manaslu himal Enveloped by Ganesh himal and BuriGandaki river gorge on east side, Marshyandi river on west Manaslu peak ranked as world eighth highest peak situated on Mansiri Himal range. Manaslu nestled on northern part of Nepal at altitude of 8163 meters from sea level was ascended on 1956 by Japanese expedition. Manaslu caters popular trekking destination Tsum valley, Manaslu circuit which attracts multiple tourist each and every year.  Manaslu trek has been taken as alternate trekking destination of Annapurna as Annapurna has been over crowded destination for those trekkers who wants experience rustiness, wilderness along breathtaking glimpse of snowy peaks and cross the highest pass.


8.Mount  Annapurna:

Annapurna most sought name on google is popular destination for trekkers due to its rapturous beauty. Mountain named after goddess of harvest is located within Annapurna conservation area haven for diverse species.The world tenth highest peak at 8091 meters’ height from sea level was  first ascended by French expedition led by Maurice Herzog on 1950 AD. Annapurna trek grants chance to cross world highest pass Thorong la at elevation of 5416 meters so Annapurna base camp trekking is most visited trekking destination as well as signature pose photo of Thorong la has been widely popular among trekkers.