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Winter Trekking in Nepal


Enthusiastic trekkers always make sure that they visit Nepal. There’s plenty of reasons why they do so. Among which the presence of the world’s highest mountain range – the Himalayas has become a central source of attraction for thousands of foreign trekkers from various countries all over the world. The pure joy of trekking in a serene, breathtaking natural landscapes with a perfect combination of friendly local people and clear views of the Himalayan mountains make trekking in Nepal a thrill of a lifetime for everyone who decide to venture off into the wilderness of Nepal.


In a more general term, Nepal is mostly visited by foreign travelers during Autumn and Spring seasons respectively. The weather and climatic conditions are said to be most suitable for trekking and traveling purposes in Autumn and Spring seasons. In fact, the entire tourism and hospitality sector flourishes staggeringly with the increase of foreigners. Nearly every hotel will have its all rooms booked, trekking agencies will be busy organizing various treks and the Government of Nepal will get an economic boost that is destined to assist in the future development of the nation’s infrastructures like transportation, communication, health and education.

So, by now, you can easily assume that a very large portion of Nepal’s economy is dependent upon tourism and with the sudden outburst of foreigners in seasons like Autumn & Spring, Nepal is bound to prosper steadily but surely. However, many seem to dismiss the entire fact Nepal is a country which is a popular travel destination that can be visited all year round. And by saying that I mean, travelers can plan their holidays and vacations in Nepal even in ‘Winter season’. Yes, you heard me! Nepal is not only restricted to two favorable seasons – Autumn and Spring. But rather it allows anyone who wishes to travel and explore Nepal during winter season as well.


There’s many benefits trekking in Nepal specially in winter season. But first let me just point out that winter is tolerable in Nepal even if you plan on going for a trek in that time of the year. The coldest month in Kathmandu is January during which the lowest & highest temperatures are typically around 2 to 17 degrees Celsius. Likewise, at Namche Bazaar – a famous Sherpa town inside Khumbu region, the temperatures remain stable at -8 to -6 degree Celsius. And if you consider the elevation of Kathmandu and Namche Bazaar, then you will clearly see that the difference in temperatures are significantly acceptable. Therefore, Everest View Trek is regarded by many as one of the best treks to do if you plan to spend your winter holidays in Nepal.

The entire notion that winter season is not the right season for trekking is plainly false as there are numerous treks available for those who have the desire to explore Nepal’s spectacular trekking destinations. Many go further to even believe that snow and clouded skylines make it perplexing and inconvenient. But that’s a concern for trekking that happens way above 5,000 meters. Treks which generally don’t go at higher altitudes can be a great choice for adventure seekers. As there is no probability of precipitation from December to February, the trails are pretty much dry and there’s good visibility for you to gaze at the Himalayan mountains from afar. Besides that, the local teahouses & lodges are also less packed and you can rent as many rooms due to the less number of tourists on the route.

In addition to all of that, trekkers who enjoy walking at their own pace without being interrupted by large group of trekkers alongside their trek can make plans to visit Nepal in winter seasons as well. Many of the foreigners make their travel arrangements to come to Nepal in Autumn and Spring seasons, so there will be less people on the trekking trail. This means that trekkers don’t have to worry about other trekkers passing by them on every section of their trek route. You can walk in peace and simply experience a trek of your lifetime in the natural sanctuary of Nepal.


And as the New Year festive season is getting closer, we have some New Year trip packages for those of you who will be coming to Nepal in that time period. Trekking packages like Annapurna Base Camp Trek, GhorepaniPoonhill Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, KhopraDandaKhaire Lake Trek and Everest View Trek are some of the most worthwhile treks to do in winter season. You can head off to Annapurna region and hike up to Poon hill for a dazzling view of the Himalayan snowcapped mountains like Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Machapuchare. Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Himchuli. Or you can head off to Khumbu region and do the Everest View Trek to get a close-up, breathtaking view of the world’s highest mountain – Mt. Everest (8,848m).


Hotels in Kathmandu’s central touristic hub, Thamel will offer rooms at a lower and reasonable price value which will most likely be affordable for budget travelers who plan on spending less on their accommodation expenses. So, there will be several cheap hotels operating in winter season for any foreign traveler who comes to their doorstep. Another thing which trekkers must be prepared is the cold temperatures. They will need to pack warm clothing that can help them stay warm while traveling through the beautiful terrains of the Himalayas. And we also suggest buying a wind cheater jacket that can save your body from being exposed to the outer cold winds.

Winter season has its own highlights that can make your stay in Nepal a very memorable one. You can exclusively decide for yourself and visit some of the best places to travel in Nepal. There’s many choices available. Just make sure to contact us your upcoming winter travels in Nepal and we shall take care of the rest.